A top incentive of owning a Wolverine is it utilizes user-changeable thread inserts, thus eliminating the need to purchase multiple silencers to fit varying threads of combloc rifles. The state-of-the-art stainless steel design also employs a brilliant crown interface and reverse-ratcheting locking collar, so the can fits as flush as possible on the AK rig. To that point, attaching is a breeze. Simply thread the Wolverine onto the barrel as far as allowed, then tighten the locking mechanism to the rifle. An indexing system within the collar engages the spring-loaded pins on the AK’s front sight bases to provide unwavering stability to the setup. Including thread adapter, the durable Wolverine measures 7.4” long and weighs between 19.8 ounces to 24.4 ounces (depending on chosen mount). These factors lead to a perfect balance of suppression and minimal back pressure, all while reducing the gassy AK system.

Full-auto/multi-rated (up to .300 Ultra Mag)

Weight: 19.8 ounces–24.4 ounces

Length: 7.4” (thread adapter)

Build materials: stainless steel (exterior); Stellite™ (baffles)

Finish: matte black Cerakote™