In a world filled with acronyms, the firearm industry, and silencer community is no different. Taking much of its influence from military lingo, the ability to condense a slew of words into just a few letters is extremely appealing. But when half of a sentence is riddled with abbreviations and acronyms, it’s easy to feel like someone is talking a different language, and it can be difficult to decipher what someone is actually trying to say.

Know Thy Terms Pt1

In an effort to foster an open forum, we’ve decided to create a Terms Guide Series divided into Legal Terms and Firearm and Industry Terms. Not only do we define the shorthand, but, if it warrants an explanation, we delve into why it is important to know or what it means within this industry.

This is not a comprehensive list, but we feel this covers most of the legal acronyms we use throughout the day. Stay tuned for Part II of the series – Firearm and Industry Terms.

If there are any others you didn’t see on this list that you feel should be here, let us know in the comments below!

Term Short Description Long Description
4473 ATF Form 4473 or Firearms Transaction Record A form made by the ATF that is filled out when an individual purchases a firearm from an FFL holder. 
5320.2 ATF Form 5320.20 An application that is filled out in order to transport NFA firearms across state lines.
41F/41P ATF Final Rule 41F   Effective July 13, 2016, 41F was a Rule formed in order to implement background checks for responsible persons. This addendum to the rule made the acquisition of obtaining a silencer equal among all parties named on a gun trust, otherwise known as responsible person.
A&D Log Acquisition and Disposition Log (AKA Bound Book) Record used by FFL's to keep track of the firearm serial numbers that they have received and sold. By ATF regulation, this log contains where the firearm was received from, the make, model, and serial number of the firearm as well as to whom the firearm was disposed to.
Acquire This term is used most often by firearm dealers to describe when a serial number was written into their A&D Book. See also: dispose
Dispose This term is used – again by dealers – to indicate when the firearm left their possession. See also: acquire
ASA American Suppressor Association The ASA unites, advocates, educates, and lobbies for suppressor rights, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and consumers alike. Focusing on dispelling common misconceptions, lobbying for NFA modernization, and streamlining processes, the ASA continues to serve the suppressor community and unite this industry's efforts.
ATF (BATFE) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives A branch of the Department of Justice, the ATF is responsible for the investigation and prevention of offenses pertaining to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. The ATF also regulates the sale, possession, and transportation of firearms, ammo, and explosives through specific licensing. 
BIL Silencer Shop's Buy-It-Local Program A sub-set of our dealer programs, Buy-It-Local dealers are listed on our class 3 finder and able to sell products on our site. The biggest difference between PBSS and BIL is that in BIL, the Form will be filled out by the FFL instead of Silencer Shop.
Check Cashed Check cashed is an indicator that the ATF has received and deposited your tax stamp payment and your Form is in the process of being reviewed. This is the most reliable method we have found to verify that the ATF has begun the process of your form.
Class 3 Class 3 License

While often used to describe NFA firearms, this is actually a reference to the specific type of SOT license that permits FFL's to sell NFA weapons. Contrary to popular belief, Class 3's can only be obtained by FFL holders. Individuals looking to purchase “class 3 weapons” fill out a Form 4, not a Class 3 license.

See also: Title 2.
CLEO Chief Law Enforcement Officer
COO Chief Operating Officer AKA: The Boss… We love you, Gary.
CSF Congressional Sportsman's Foundation Highly regarded in the political realm, the CSF "works with Congress, governors, and state legislatures to protect and advance hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping."
eForms The electronic system installed and controlled by the ATF for the purpose of electronically filing NFA Forms. 
FD258 Applicant Fingerprint Form Although you can do this on our SID kiosk, the FD258 is the government recognized physical fingerprint card that is a requirement of applying for a class 3 weapon. 
FFA Federal Firearms Act of 1938 The Federal Firearms Act of 1938 was the requirement of gun manufacturers, importers, and individuals in the business of selling firearms to obtain a federal license. This Act also instilled a tax on persons and entities engaged in the business of manufacturing, importing, and individuals in the business of selling NFA firearms. 
FFL Federal Firearms License The license required in order to sell firearms.
FOPA Firearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986 The FOPA revised many of the provisions that were originally set forth in the GCA of 1968. Most often recognized as the piece of legislation that prohibited the commercial sale of newly manufactured fully automatic firearms.
Form 1 F1 The Form submitted to the ATF in order for an individual/trust/corporation to create a taxable NFA item.
Form 2 F2 A Form used by Class 2 SOT’s to manufacture NFA firearms.  This form is non-taxed.
Form 3 F3 Used by FFL/SOT’s to allow the ability to transfer an NFA item between SOT's without tax.
Form 4 F4 A taxable Form submitted to the ATF in order to transfer an NFA item between an SOT and an individuals, or between individuals. 
Form 5 F5 A nontaxable transfer typically to a government entity (for example, an FFL selling a destructive device to an LE agency) or sometimes used for the beneficiary of an estate after the original owner passes away.
GCA Gun Control Act of 1968 The Act that regulates firearm transfers and prohibits interstate firearm transfers excluding lawful manufacturers, dealers, and importers. 
HPA Hearing Protection Act of 2015 An Act to implement the removal of suppressors from the jurisdiction of NFA, ultimately allowing suppressors to be obtained through a NICS check. 
LE Law Enforcement
Milspec Military Specifications
NFA National Firearms Act An Act set in place to tax manufacturers, importers, and dealers in relation to specific firearms. The tax is enforced in the sale or disposal of those firearms. 
NFAFA National Firearms Act Freedom Alliance The NFA Freedom Alliance was formed to ease restrictions on manufacturing, owning, selling, and using items regulated by the NFA by lobbying and working at the state and federal level.
NICS National Instant Criminal Background Check System Under the purview of the FBI, NICS determines the eligibility for an individual to purchase a firearm. The check is virtually instant and will determine whether or not the potential individual is allowed to be sold a firearm.
NRA National Rifle Association A nonprofit organization founded to advocate for gun rights and educate and teach on gun safety. The NRA was founded in 1871 and is the Nation’s longest standing civil rights organization. 
NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation A foundation that is considered the firearms industry's trade association, founded in order to protect, promote, and preserve shooting sports and hunting. 
OG Original Gangsta Otherwise known as the person who was doing something or promoting something before it was well known, or before it was the "cool thing to do."
PBSS Powered By Silencer Shop We've teamed up with dealers around the U.S. to help you obtain your silencer even easier through this program. Read more about Powered By here!
RP Responsible Person/Party We go into depth on what a responsible person is here, but an RP is someone assigned on your trust. Based on the definition in the trust, the responsible person generally has the same benefits as the grantor (owner) of the suppressor. 
SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute At the request of the federal government, this institute was formed in order to create industry standards for quality, safety, and responsibility in the use of firearms. SAAMI publishes data on ammunition that is useful in determining if a silencer is “rated” for a specific cartridge or load.
SAF Second Amendment Foundation This foundation was formed in order to shed light on Constitutional rights as well as educate and inform individuals in regard to firearms and gun control. 
SHOT (SHOT Show) Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show The Mecca of tradeshows where individuals in the outdoorsy trades all convene under one roof annually to debut cool gadgets and tools.
SID Secure Identity Documentation We talk more about it here, but to give you a brief overview, the SID kiosk helps make your Form filing life exponentially easier  by digitalizing the process AND saving your information so repeating the application process for Class 3 firearms is quick and easy. 
SOT Special Occupational Tax  License required in order to sell Class 3 firearms in addition to FFL.
Stamp Tax Stamp The holy grail. The thing you've been patiently waiting for. Otherwise known as the paperwork that allows you to obtain your device from your FFL. 
Title 1 Otherwise known as long guns, handguns, silencers, and firearm frames or receivers. 
Title 2 These are NFA weapons as described in Title 2 of the 1968 GCA.
Trace ATF spends most of their time doing This term is shorthand for the thorough background check done after your Form has been received.