how to complete a fd-258 fingerprint card, atf form 4 fingerprint cardshow to complete a fd-258 fingerprint card, atf form 4 fingerprint cards

At Silencer Shop, we strive to make the silencer purchase process easy and straightforward by automating and simplifying paperwork as much as possible. In the process of buying a silencer (or any NFA item), the ATF requires that you submit fd-258 fingerprint cards as part of your documentation.

In this post we'll cover the what, how, and when of submitting your fingerprints with Silencer Shop. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team!

What is an FD-258 Fingerprint Card?

An FD-258 fingerprint card is a standard physical fingerprint card used by the ATF and other federal agencies for registering fingerprints. It includes two types of fingerprints: a "slap" print where your fingers are flat, and "roll" prints where you must roll over your fingers to capture a greater area.

Using a Silencer Shop Kiosk

The easiest way to capture your fingerprints and submit your FD-258 fingerprint card is to let us do it for you, with the help of our ink-free Silencer Shop kiosk. Thanks to our nationwide network of Powered by Silencer Shop dealers, there are over 1000 kiosks located across the country, so there is likely one not far from you.

Whether you have already purchased a silencer and tax stamp, or you’re just beginning in your suppressor buying process, you can visit a kiosk. If you’ve already decided which suppressor you’d like to buy and pulled the trigger online, you’ll be prompted to choose a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer. If you select a dealer with a kiosk, you’ll be able to use it for free. Otherwise, some dealers can charge up to $40 if you use their kiosk but want to use a different dealer for the suppressor transaction.

How to Complete FD-258 Fingerprint Cards using the Silencer Shop kiosk:

  1. Tap touchscreen to begin process (select preferred account log-in option)
  2. Scan your assigned QR code (or type in the code provided)
  3. Input your information in the field prompts on the screen
  4. The next prompts will be videos to have you follow the screen to scan and submit fingerprints
  5. Supply signature with finger to confirm these are your fingerprints
  6. Provide registration information
  7. Answer questionnaire
  8. Choose registration method (e.g., trust, corporation, or individual)
  9. Download mobile app for photo
  10. Complete process
  11. Check text messages/emails for account links and alerts

In addition to simplifying the fingerprinting and documentation submission process, these kiosks offer the convenience of a one-and-done registration process. By utilizing this software, you’ll never need to provide fingerprints again because the unit securely saves all of your and your trustees' information. The only information that is needed annually is your passport-style photo, which you can take using the Silencer Shop app on your phone at any time.

And if you ever need a physical copy of the fingerprints we have on file for you to submit your Form 4, Silencer Shop can ship copies right to your door.

Completing an FD-258 Fingerprint Card the Old-Fashioned Way

For those that either cannot or do not want to do digital fingerprints at one of our Silencer Shop Kiosks, we also offer a simple premade fd-258 fingerprint card packet with everything that you need to do your registration the "manual" way. This packet includes a return envelope so that we can scan your prints for future use and submit them on your behalf.


Whether you use our handy kiosk scanners or mail in your own fingerprint cards, Silencer Shop makes submitting fingerprints as easy as possible. And by keeping them on file, you only have to go through the process once. Reach out to us if you have any questions!