Are you looking for a lawyer to write up an NFA trust in Texas? If so, you may very well be best served by using a lawyer who works with NFA trusts on a daily basis.  Not only do they typically cost quite a bit less than a standard lawyer would - but they'll generally get the trust done quicker as well. Having said that, here is our latest list of recommendations:

Christopher Bass

Chris is located in Irving, TX and has been highly recommended by several of our customers. He can put together a trust as well as help you out with any legal questions. Tell him we sent you and he’ll set you up for $300. Phone: (214) 596-8314 Email: Address: The Bass Firm, PLLC PO Box 2128 Coppell, Texas 75019

James Willi

Jim is located in Austin, TX and provides gun trusts to our customers all over Texas.  He will answer your questions, help you decide the right trust structure for you, and provide the documents to you within hours.  Tell him we sent you and he’ll create the trust for $300. Phone: (512) 288-3200 Email: Website: Address: 100 Congress Avenue Suite 1530 Austin, TX 78701

Sean Cody

Sean is one of the most well-known “gun trust” lawyers in TX. His prices vary depending on your situation. Phone: (281) 451-4175 Email: Website:

Texas Law Shield

We've had several customers who have specifically commented that they’ve been happy with the service. To me that says a lot when we start getting unsolicited positive comments. Phone: (481) 461-6000 Website: We have customers who have worked with all of these, and have heard nothing but good reports. Setting up an NFA trust is not something that will take a lot of time either – with any of these options, you will talk with the lawyer for a few minutes and have your trust in hand within a week or two. If you know of another NFA trust lawyer that should be added to our list, please let us know!

Mark S. Toronjo

They are a small firm dedicated to giving you the personal attention you deserve, and you will not simply be just another client.. Toronjo & Prosser Law 10000 N. Central Expy Suite 407, Dallas TX 75231 Phone: 214.609.8787 Fax:  1.866.640.7043 Email: ________________________