CLEO SignaturesAlthough the recent implementation of ATF 41F was generally met with disdain throughout the suppressor community, not every aspect of the rule change is hellfire! And even with the new steps included, our S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App initiatives provide a paperless, convenient process for all of your suppressor purchases and registration needs.

Individual Notification

Reverting back to the original good news, one of the positive facets of ATF 41F being introduced to our lives is the omission of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) certification signature requirement for individual applicants. This alteration removes the ability of law enforcement personnel to impede firearm enthusiasts from owning certain items, such as silencers and machine guns. Moving forward, a copy of the Form 1 or Form 4 needs to be submitted to the local CLEO at the time it is filed with the ATF.  And because you guys and gals are so awesome, if we are filing your paperwork (or you bought from a dealer that uses our services) we will handle all necessary communication with the respective CLEO regarding your completed forms.  You don't have to do a thing! Upon submission of your Form 4, a notification is immediately sent to the nearest CLEO on your behalf. We are redacting as much personal intel as legally possible, including your payment information, your photo, and the item’s serial number. Overall, the CLEO signature is no longer applicable to ANY registration method. And although most suppressor owners prefer to go the trust route, the fact that the ATF decided to do away with this stipulation is a win for the industry. Speaking of trusts, these applicants were not previously required to obtain a CLEO signature pre-41F, but are now mandated to notify their local CLEO of all manufactures (Form 1) and/or transfers (Form 4) of NFA items. (Remember, it could be worse.) To that end, the Responsible Persons aspect (Form 23) will also have your photo and the suppressor’s serial number redacted, and a generic email address and phone number will be generated that directs the CLEO office to us and does not release your personal email/phone information.  Moreover, all listed trustees will have their relevant form(s) submitted to their local CLEO, which means not all persons need to be residents of the same state.

In Summation

While ATF 41F brought a sense of panic to many firearm fanatics, not all parts of the industry-wide change should be frowned upon. Though all legal entities are now required to send a copy of both their completed Form 1/Form 4 and Responsible Person Questionnaire to the local CLEO (which we will happily take care of for you), the prior CLEO certification signature for individuals is no longer needed. Nowadays, only a CLEO notification is necessary. Moreover, the rolling out of our most recent technological and software advancements (i.e., S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App) allow for the streamlining of suppressor ownership, so things are definitely looking up in our shared community. Exciting times!