Every now and then I come across a product that seriously exceeds my expectations - and the Enidine Hydraulic Recoil Buffer is definitely one of those products.  So, I thought I should write up a quick review to share my experience with it. To be honest, I've never felt that the AR-15 needed any help in the recoil reduction department (especially when shooting with a silencer).  They tend to shoot very soft anyway and I've never had a problem keeping one on target.  That's why I didn't expect to feel any difference when I inserted an Enidine hydraulic buffer into my carbine. My opinion changed immediately after the first pull of the trigger.  With the Enidine buffer installed, the rifle I was using felt like it was shooting significantly softer - the muzzle also jumped less and stayed on target better between shots.  The best way to describe the difference is probably that it was shooting 'smoother'. We spent an afternoon blasting away with this buffer installed and didn't have any issues at all; so, the next step will be taking it to matches as well as some training classes.  It will be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes on a rifle with a mid-length gas system instead of the carbine-length system that I was using.  If it does have a similar impact on the mid-length gas system, I'll probably get some for all my AR-15s.  (I'll update this review once I've tried it on a mid-length gas rifle.) The only downside to these hydraulic buffers, in my opinion, is the cost.  But, if you have the money and are looking for a way to smooth out the recoil of your AR-15, I highly recommend you take the plunge and get one of these.