We receive a lot of comments from customers that we post regularly on our testimonials page; but, every now and then, a comment comes through that demonstrates just how much of a difference a silencer can make for the overall shooting experience. In this case, we got the customer’s permission to repost here, so I’ll let him speak for himself: Dear Silencer Shop - I finally got my tax stamp back from the BATFE and picked up my suppressor the same day from my FFL dealer. I bought the SureFire FA762K-BK with the SureFire flash hider. So far I have tried it with my AR-10, and love it. With standard .308 ammo, all I hear is the crack of the bullet. With subsonic ammo, all I hear is the “ding” of my hit on the metal target. I tried the rifle with and without the suppressor, and there was very little if any change in the ballistics. At 50yds I was hitting at the exact same POI. At 100yds it was less than 1/2 MOA in difference. With the subsonic ammo I was very impressed on exactly how quiet it is. I’ve shot air rifles that were louder. Unfortunately the only sound from shooting was me having to cycle the action manually. Overall, I am truly impressed with your quality customer service. It was very hard waiting for the BATFE and the tax stamp, but that’s the government. I was a sniper with our regional swat team for over 16 years. During that time I was always a proponent of a semi-auto weapon system. We were stuck with Remington 700′s with 3.5X10 Leopold scopes. Now that I am retired, I have built the weapon of my dreams. The Surefire suppressor was the cherry on the top. I had to retire due to developing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder due to my prior military service and my time on the Police Department. The sound of gunfire is a “trigger” for me. I absolutely love shooting and have since I was a kid, shooting my Daisy at a pop can. I teach concealed carry classes now in my spare time to continue to be around guns. It exposes me to my triggers and all the money gets donated to our local American Legion to help local veterans. Prior to my diagnosis I had one of my panic attacks at training. I was caught without my ear protection, and got physically sick. I was jumping at each shot. The suppressor has put an end to that. I don’t even have to wear hearing protection now. I will be taking some fellow veterans to the range to help them overcome their “trigger” of hearing gunfire by allowing them to shoot with the suppressor. I wish I had ten of them to aid veterans. Finally, thank you for making my dream of being able to continue shooting come true. God Bless!