There is a lot of information – and misinformation – when you search on the internet for how to buy a silencer and how our kiosk works. Google is a wonderful avenue to learn things, or to laugh at cat memes. Whatever your prerogative, when you search for how to purchase a silencer, sometimes it seems daunting to look at what needs to be done. The following post is a look into the story of a gun owner just like you! Although this isn’t what every single customer goes through, it’s a relatively strong example that represents a vast majority of your average silencer buying experience.

Silencer Shop Note: this post is used as an example only and in no way is advice. Every customer has different needs that may be more complicated or merely different from the example laid out below. If you have any questions, please contact us.  

Buying A Silencer

Let’s take a look at our favorite new customer: Gary.

Gary just found out that silencers are legal and is chomping at the bit to purchase one, but he doesn’t know where to begin. His buddy recommended After reading How to Buy a Silencer, and browsing Silencer Shop’s vast inventory, Gary is committed and decides on a 7.62mm silencer with great reviews.

After Gary quickly selects the nearest Powered By dealer with a kiosk and completes the checkout process, he gets an email, with a QR code to complete his ATF paperwork.

From our site, Gary knows he can input all of his information (except for his fingerprints) on the customer account, but he wanted to go to his dealer to complete his fingerprints and get all of his information done at once, so he decided to pay a visit… plus, Gary is always looking for an excuse for a trip to the local gun store.

Gary begins the process of filling out his info and scanning his fingerprints by following the prompts on the screen. He’s then asked to choose how he wants to file the suppressor, by choosing one of the following options: (1) Trust; (2) Individual; or (3) Corporation.

Gary's Situation

To give a little bit about Gary’s background, he has a family - wife and kids - and friends he wants to shoot and hunt with as well as teach and practice proper firearm safety and etiquette. He’s wondering if he should file as an individual or use one of Silencer Shop’s trust options. Gary knows that, although this is his first silencer, he’ll be wanting to add more to his collection, and he also knows he wants to be able to share his silencers with a few close friends and family members.

After talking with a Silencer Shop customer service representative, he learns that he wants to proceed with forming a Traditional NFA Gun Trust. Knowing that trusts are legal vehicles similar to wills, he felt comfortable in being able to list specific people to use his silencer not only during his lifetime, but also after he passes.

When asked about responsible person(s), Gary recalled the “What’s a ‘Responsible Person?’” post and was reminded that there are multiple references to responsible parties that have differing roles within that respective trust. He recalled that trustees are the responsible persons who can be in possession of the trust while Gary is still alive and that a beneficiary is the person who gets the silencer(s) listed on the trust once Gary is deceased.

He determined a few people he wanted to list as trustees on his trust and designated a beneficiary accordingly.  Gary learned that once he passes away, the beneficiary will have to fill out a Form 5, Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm and submit a death certificate in order to legally obtain the silencer(s). Once the ATF approves the paperwork, the trustees listed on the trust will dispose the item to the beneficiary. He also remembered that if he wants to adjust trustees and/or beneficiary on the trust, he can do so with an addendum.

Gary Figures It All Out

Once he completes all of the prompts on the kiosk, Gary submits his information. Silencer Shop then forms the Trust for Gary to sign. Every trustee listed on Gary’s trust will get their own unique code in order to submit their information at any one of our kiosks. He knows that all information needs to be submitted before Silencer Shop can draft Gary’s Form 4, so he informs his responsible parties to locate their closest kiosk and get their information into the system.

After the trustees’ respective information is submitted, he’s purchased his silencer of choice, and he’s paid the tax stamp, Silencer Shop reviews all of Gary’s information and drafts the Form 4 for Gary to sign. The information is then sent to the ATF.

Gary will get an email stating that his check has been cashed by the ATF, which indicates that the ATF has received his Form 4 and his information is in the review process. Periodically, he checks the ATF wait times, but he knows that in just a little bit, he’ll get the call from his dealer to pick up the silencer.

We encounter Gary’s situation a lot at the shop, and we’ve done our best to simplify the process as much as possible for you. Luckily, you only have to submit your information into the kiosk once. After that, we’ll securely keep your information for your next purchase, because, let’s be honest, no one buys just one NFA item, right?

As always, we are here if you have any questions or concerns; it’s not only our job, it’s also our passion! Also, let us know your story by leaving it in the comment field below. Someone new to the silencer game may just be in the same boat as you were!