best suppressor accessories listbest suppressor accessories list

The best accessory for your firearm, without a doubt, is a well-matched suppressor. And we'd be remiss not to highlight the incredibly useful non-NFA accessories that help you attach those suppressors to their respective firearm hosts.

We've listed below our top selling accessories from the last few years. All these options boast different advantages and compatibilities — be sure to dig into the details to find what could be a useful addition to your setup.

As a side note, if you're not familiar with what these accessories are or why you would want them in the first place, be sure to check out our muzzle device debrief, or our posts on muzzle brakes, compensators and flash hiders.

Top Suppressor Accessories List

dead air keymo mount for silencerco omegadead air keymo mount for silencerco omega

Dead Air KeyMo "O" Mount

The Dead Air Key-Mo "O" (Omega) Mount has become extremely popular as a bridge between silencer accessories and silencers. It's designed to give owners of a SilencerCo Omega a simple mounting option, and also fits the Dead Air Nomad line (as discussed in our Best of 7.62 Suppressors blog post).

In terms of design, the Key-Mo is simple, nice, and very reliable. It's also compatible with Dead Air's KeyMount Muzzle Brake and Flash Hider.

Dead Air 556 flash hiderDead Air 556 flash hider

Dead Air 5.56 Flash Hider

Dead Air's 5.56mm flash hider is a fantastic option for your 5.56/.223 rifle setup. Its unique "mass shifted'' equal length tines eliminate the pinging you might get from low quality flash hiders.

This flash hider is fully compatible with the popular line of Sandman suppressors (Sandman K, Sandman S, and Sandman L) as well the Nomad line. It also pairs very nicely with a Key-Mo mount.

Dead Air 556 muzzle brakeDead Air 556 muzzle brake

Dead Air 5.56 Muzzle Brake

Continuing with our string of Dead Air accessories, the Dead Air 5.56 muzzle brake is great toy to fit your 5.56 rifle set up. Like the Dead Air flash hider, it's compatible with the full Sandman and Nomad line, and dovetails perfectly with a Key-Mo mount.

It's both quiet and "Dead Air durable", and also provides a sacrificial baffle to prolong the life of your silencer.

Rugged Suppressors 556 flash hiderRugged Suppressors 556 flash hider

Rugged Suppressors 5.56 Flash Hider

Rugged's awesome flash hider has an insanely low profile for a flash hider (both smaller and lighter) while maintaining all the great benefits of a strong flash hider.

It has a toothless, dual-taper locking system (a Rugged hallmark) that makes mounting a breeze. Speaking of mounting, you can pair this with any of Rugged's Radiant, Surge, Razor and Micro30 suppressors.

SilencerCo 9mm PistonSilencerCo 9mm Piston

SilencerCo 9mm Piston

If you're looking at using any of SilencerCo's Osprey or Octane suppressors with your 9mm firearm, look no further. The SilencerCo 9mm Piston was designed to be easily changeable between different weapons, and compatible with both fixed barrels and cycling weapons (because it is part of a booster assembly).

OSS muzzle brake MB-QD 762 OSS muzzle brake MB-QD 762

OSS MB-QD 762 Muzzle Brake

The OSS Muzzle Brake is a simple, effective option for your HX-QD 762, HX-QD 762 Ti and Magnum Ti suppressors. Maximum recoil reduction is the name of the game here, but moreover, OSS really does a good job of streamlining their systems to be compatible across a lot of different suppressor options. We're here for it.

Dead Air 762 muzzle brakeDead Air 762 muzzle brake

Dead Air 7.62mm Muzzle Brake

This is essentially the same muzzle brake as Dead Air's 5.56 option, but for the larger 7.62/.308 caliber. To rehash the chief benefits: it's compatible with the full Sandman and Nomad line, as well as the popular Key-Mo mount. It also offers a sacrificial baffle to protect and prolong the life of your silencer.

Rugged Obsidian 45 PistonRugged Obsidian 45 Piston

Rugged Obsidian 45 Piston

Used as part of a booster assembly on handguns, Rugged's Obsidian Piston can also interchangeably be inserted as a fixed barrel spacer for the spring on carbines or submachine guns. It will make both you and your Obsidian 45 suppressor quite happy: its non-slotted design creates a full circumference gas seal and drastically lowers gas blowback.

OSS 556 Muzzle Brake MB-QD 556OSS 556 Muzzle Brake MB-QD 556

OSS MB-QD 556 Muzzle Brake

As mentioned above, OSS muzzle brakes offer maximum recoil reduction, whether employed in an unsuppressed or suppressed setup. This option is compatible with the HX-QD 556k, 556, 762, 762 Ti and Magnum Ti OSS suppressors.

Rugged Suppressors 3 Lug Mount for Obsidian 45Rugged Suppressors 3 Lug Mount for Obsidian 45

Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45 3-Lug Mount

Rounding out the list, Obsidian's Mount can replace the piston assembly in your Obsidian 45 suppressor. As an internal mount, it keeps your suppressed firearm low profile and short. It also enables you to quickly attach and detach from fixed-barrel firearms without worrying about backing off.


That concludes our list of the best suppressor accessories from 2021 and beyond! As you may have noticed, there is some limited interoperability between brands, so it might benefit you to check out our full inventory or connect with one of our suppressor experts. Whether you're looking for an accessory to simplify or fully max out your setup, feel free to contact us to walk through what would work best!