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  1. How to Complete FD-258 Fingerprint Cards

    In the process of buying a silencer (or any NFA item), the ATF requires that you submit fd-258 fingerprint cards as part of your documentation. Learn more about how easy ATF Form 4 fingerprint cards are to complete.
  2. Suppressor Laws by State

  3. How to Time a Muzzle Brake

    We get a lot of questions around how to time a muzzle brake (or really any muzzle device), as well as what timing even means. Another wrench in the matter is some folks refer to timing as indexing, kind of like the great silencer vs. suppressor debate.
  4. Maine Governor Signs Pro-Suppressor Legislation into Law

    The old fee and permit that were required to hunt with a suppressor in Maine have officially been abolished. This new law, L.D. 635, was first introduced by Senator Trey Stewart March 1st after a unanimous passing vote out of both houses of legislature.
  5. Best Suppressor Accessories List

    We've listed below our best suppressor accessories list from the last few years. All these options boast different advantages and compatibilities — be sure to dig into the details to find what could be a useful addition to your setup.
  6. Best Suppressor Manufacturers List of 2021

    Let's dive into our list of the top suppressor manufacturers list of 2021. You may be familiar with these brands already, (heck, maybe you already own an item made by someone on this list), but we're going to cover a bit of the history and unique advantages behind each operation.
  7. Best Multi Caliber Suppressor Choices of 2021

    If you're looking for one suppressor that meets as many of your needs as possible, look no further. Welcome to the multi caliber suppressor category!
  8. Best Big Bore Suppressor Choices of 2021

    Oh, the beauty of a big bore suppressor! As we progress through our 2021 Best of series, we’d be remiss not to mention this category. Why? Because a big bore silencer has a lot to offer avid long distance shooters and hunters alike.
  9. Best 7.62 Suppressor Choices of 2021

    30 cal suppressors are insanely popular, but what's been the most popular out of the bunch? Read our best 7.62 suppressor options of 2021 now!
  10. Best 45 ACP Suppressor Choices of 2021

    Interested in learning our top sellers so far in 2021? This blog post will give you our top five picks from the 45 ACP suppressors with some facts and figures to back them up.
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