1. The Bare Necessities

    You have your silencer and you’re ready to take it to the range. Congratulations! We know that feeling; we love that feeling. But with great power comes great responsibility, so we wanted to give you a peek inside of our range bag to see what we pack specifically for silencers. If it makes (..)
  2. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    The good news is that the bad things that cause a broken silencer are very rare Even though silencers are generally built like tanks, knowing what your silencer is capable of and what you should be paying attention to, can greatly preserve the life of your silencer. We know your silencer is (..)
  3. Reasons To Own A Silencer

    So many people truly believe that suppressors were designated for military personnel, the mafia, and James Bond. Even I did a couple of years ago.  It’s a pretty common misnomer that silencers are illegal, and we are constantly told by customers that they didn’t even know that they (..)
  4. Know Thy Terms - Part2: Industry Terms

    This is a continuation of the KNOW THY TERMS Series. We split this series into two categories: -        Part I: Legal Industry Terms -        Part II: Firearm Industry Terms This educational series is not a comprehensive (..)
  5. Know Thy Terms - Part 1: Legal Terms & Organizations

    In a world filled with acronyms, the firearm industry, and silencer community is no different. Taking much of its influence from military lingo, the ability to condense a slew of words into just a few letters is extremely appealing. But when half of a sentence is riddled with abbreviations and (..)
  6. Muzzle Devices 101

    Although we’re in the business of hiding mounting devices on firearms, their importance is still significant, especially since they don’t get a ton of facetime as a topic of discussion. We’ll be shedding some light on muzzle brakes, flash hiders, compensators, and everything in (..)
  7. One For All or All For One

    One silencer to fit most or different silencers to fit each? This is a pretty great debate - the only issue is, there’s no concrete answer. A lot of our customers have dealt with this discussion in one way or another while dealing with the process of purchasing a silencer (we wrote up an (..)
  8. NRA Board of Directors Election

    A new year, a new election. If you’re eligible to vote for the 2018 National Rifle Association Board of Directors, you recently received a ballot via your preferred NRA magazine. There’s a total of 76 seats on the NRA Board of Directors, and each year 25 seats are up for election to a 3-(..)
  9. Form 4 Barcode System Approved By ATF

    At Silencer Shop, suppressors and technology literally flow through our veins. Okay, maybe not literally, but we continually strive to make silencer ownership as simple as possible for you via new technological innovations. Our latest advancement benefits both owners and dealers alike by (..)
  10. What Is An ATF Form 1?

    For most gun owners, the Form 1 process entails transforming an existing AR lower receiver into a short-barreled rifle (SBR). An approved Form 1 allows you, the manufacturer of the SBR, to purchase a barrel (or complete separate upper receiver) shorter than 16 inches in length. Additionally, (..)
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