Griffin Plan-A

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Griffin Plan-A -multi
These Griffin Plan A mounts are intended to make your silencer compatible with Griffin TM style muzzle devices.  The following is a quick reference for which mount fits which silencer: 1.375x24 - This is becoming a more and more universal mount thread pitch for many rifle silencers.  Currently, this Plan-A will fit things like the Dead Air Nomad, Silencer Bravo style silencers (omega, hybrid, harvester big bore, etc), YHM Resonator R2, etc. 1.125x28 - This thread pitch has long been used in the pistol silencer world.  SilencerCo Octanes, Rugged Obsidians, Griffin Revo/Resistance, etc, all run this thread pitch. Charlie - This thread p... Read More
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Manufacturer Griffin Armament