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The AAC Ti-RANT 9 is the next chapter in ultra-high-performance 9mm handgun sound and flash suppression. Careful material selection has made it possible to design a 9mm silencer that delivers class defining performance in a light-weight package that does not have an adverse effect on the balance and handling traits of the host pistol. The Ti-RANT is designed around a new generation of A.S.A.P. System (Assured Semi Automatic Performance). The fully integrated A.S.A.P. System facilitates flawless semi-automatic operation on all popular 9mm sidearms and can be quickly and easily disassembled for service by the end-user without the use of tools.

Constructed of Grade 9 Titanium, heat treated 17-4 PH stainless steel, and high strength hard coat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, the Ti-RANT re-writes the book on 9mm silencer efficiency and long-term durability.

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More Information

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Specification Information

Caliber Rating 9mm
Color Black
Length 7.9"
Diameter 1.38"
Weight 8.6 oz
Finish Stainless, T3 HC Anodize
Full-Auto Rated Not Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer AAC
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel, 7075 T6 Aluminum, Titanium



10 Reviews For AAC Ti-RANT 9

  • Mac11/8/2016

    This can has been a workhorse. Quite an improvement on the AAC Evolution line. No issues even when running several hundred rounds through it in a very short amount of time.

  • Josh6/29/2015

    I picked up a pair of these last year when they were on sale. Excellent lightweight can and good sound. Of my pistol cans (two Octane 45's, one Osprey 45, one Evo 9mm, and two TiRANT 9's) the Tirant 9 sounds the best.

  • garrettbollom@yahoo.com4/3/2015

    Purchased the can during the damn the man promotion, what a deal! Running this on my g17 and it is not near as invasive as I expected. The weight of the can is non troublesome, although you will need tall sights if you expect to be able to use them.

    Cant wait to get a 9mm sbr built to run this thing on, should be a great setup!

  • Don3/24/2015

    This is my first silencer, and I am impressed and satisfied with it. I purchased it not just for its rated performance, but the AAC $200 rebate promotion effectively nullified the tax stamp. Nice incentive.

    I shot several hundred rounds of 147 gr 9mm subsonic with this silencer, using a 13.5x1 LH piston and H&K P30 with threaded barrel. The performance was great--sounded like a noisy airgun. The top of the silencer tube was higher than my sights, so I had to guesstimate point of impact, but remained very accurate at 10 yards. Noticeable weight up front while aiming, but very manageable. Lots of fun. Everything I expected for my first suppressed shooting episode.

    The disassembly, assembly, and maintenance instructions included were easy to follow. Actual disassembly was a breeze, even after the range, but definitely requires the included end cap removal tool. A 5/8" wooden dowel is recommended to help knock out the baffles if stuck during disassembly, and I had one ready, but I didn't need it. Cleaning was a simple half hour brushing and wiping chore, and no problems with reassembly, although you do need to pay attention to baffle order and orientation.

    There are up to 3 different o-rings for this silencer that may require replacement at some point, so you may want to buy them in advance of actually needing them. The finish does not seem that durable, as I put a couple scratches on the tube in one range trip, but no worries, as its a silencer not collectible art. Some high-temp paint or another Cerakote job every few years will make things pretty again, I'm sure. Nice camo carrying pouch is included to keep the can protected from casual bumps while toting around in a range bag or on a vest.

    Ordering from Silencer Shop was simple and convenient. I appreciated their handling of the ATF paperwork submission and their regular status updates. The included free stickers and heat resistant suppressor removal glove in the AAC box were a nice touch.

  • Andrew9/28/2014

    The reviews are correct, this can is awesome!!

  • JJ5/6/2014

    This is a top of the line 9mm suppressor. It's light, quiet, and easy to take down.

    I've used this on multiple 9mm hosts and as long as you use subsonic ammo, this thing is absolutely quiet. An added bonus, is that there are multiple pistons to choose from and Silencer Shop stocks them! Plus, you can adjust the can for POI.

    The user serviceability of this suppressor, it's lightweight and market leading quietness makes this a best buy.

  • Jim4/24/2014

    Surprisingly lightweight. Doesn't bother me at all having it on the front of my Glock 17. Shooting 147 grain rounds through it is FUN. A suppressed 9mm is not Hollywood quiet, but definitely draws a crowd at the range.

    I'm testing my Tirant 9 on a dedicated 9mm SBR and an aftermarket 3 lug barrel adapter. With a little luck I'll have a really fun, compact and quiet carbine thanks to the Tirant.

    I'm knocking off one star because I had to send the can back to AAC to fix a minor manufacturing flaw. They quickly addressed the issue and got the can back to me.

  • Oscar G4/18/2014

    Silencer Shop has excellent customer service and knowledge with any questions you have regarding the application to which you want to use your suppressor. After several options, I took SS's advice on the AAC TiRant 9 for my G19. Running 147gr is ridiculously fun! The TiRant 9 is very lightweight and easily manageable. I definitely would recommend it.

  • Gene from CT3/30/2014

    This is a great suppressor. I own this one and the Osprey 9. Man, its close. This one has no FRP which is super nice. I also love the ability to adjust POI shift. This is a feature that's way underrated. This can is as quiet as they come on a pistol but truthfully, not great for 9mm/300 aac rifle. Not enough volume I guess. I have cheaper, older, but larger suppressors that work better in this application. In summary, you can't go wrong buying this can. But... I'd seriously look HARD at the Octane 9 before closing the deal.

  • Uscgbm3/24/2014

    Excellent can, surprisingly really lightweight, and super quiet on both G19 and Sig P229. This is my 5th suppressor from silencer shop and the only place I'll do business with. They have excellent customer service and back when I was new to all of this they took the time to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Keep it up and you'll have a customer for life.

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The next chapter in ultra-high-performance 9mm handgun sound and flash suppression.

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