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The CC Ti-RANT 45 is the world's first silencer for .45 ACP pistols that is truly stealthy when fired dry. The average dry sound signature of the Ti-RANT .45 is 133 dB when fired on a Heckler and Koch USP Tactical .45 with Remington 230 grain ammunition. This puts the dry performance of the Ti-RANT .45 squarely in the ballpark of most competitor's 9mm pistol silencers. With a wet charge of 5cc's of water, the sound signature drops to 125 dB. To put it another way, our .45 silencer is quieter than some company's .22 silencers. The Ti-RANT .45 does not stand out among a sea of posers just because of its jaw-dropping performance. Intelligent material selection gives the Ti-RANT .45 unequalled durability in a deceptively light-weight package. The Ti-RANT .45 incorporates AAC's new A.S.A.P. CLUTCH. This highly evolved Nielsen device enables flawless semi-automatic operation on all relevant host pistols, and can be fully disassembled for cleaning or piston replacement with no tools in seconds. The Ti-RANT .45 can be outfitted with pistons threaded M16 x 1 Right Hand, M16 x 1 Left Hand, and two pistons threaded .578-28; one extended for the Sig P-220 and 1911's with a full length guide rod, and a flush mount for 1911's with a standard G.I. guide rod. For multi-caliber use, pistons are available in the most common 9mm and .40 thread patterns to allow use of the Ti-RANT 45 on hosts in those calibers.

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Specification Information

Caliber Rating .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 9mm
Color Black
Length 8.74"
Diameter 1.38"
Weight 11.5 oz
Finish Stainless, T3 HC Anodize
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer AAC
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel, 7075 T6 Aluminum, Titanium



13 Reviews For AAC Ti-RANT 45

  • Shhh2/23/2016

    Host pistol is an HK Mark23 and you need one of these if you have a Mark!!!!
    Make no mistake that the two married together are a beast of a system from weight/bulk and bad-ass-ness. I read that Knights Armament had a great silencer for this host but I cant possibly see that being better than this. The Mark is known as a tack driver and with this silencer, wow, it actually gets more accurate. Several times, more than I usually have done in the past without the silencer, I placed rds through the same hole on paper. I'm no pro, no intense training and not Mil or LEO. This combo of this can and this host is insanely nice and a definite must have. I wish I would have gotten this silencer sooner.

    I read a review about how the baffle stack can get dirty and impossible or near at least to remove from the tube if you do not clean it. I put about 30 or so rds through it and cleaned it once I got home. I say, do it, clean it even if you put a couple rds through it because in cleaning it with so few down the pipe I can see that the person who added that review here was spot on. I almost regretted having gotten it because I read that review after I got my tax stamp. But make no mistake, I feel a lot better after shooting it. You MUST clean it or you will regret not having done so. It is an absolute pain to clean and took me about 90 min to do it because I am real meticulous about cleaning my pistols and with silencers, even more so.

    Silencer Shop has always been great to buy from, I have 4 silencers I have purchased from them and will be buying many more for certain.

    I have an AAC M4-2000 I got from a local dealer before discovering SilencerShop. Getting customer service has been a bit tough from AAC so I believe this may be my last AAC purchase. Apparently the aluminum baffles in this can have been problematic from other reviews I saw here.

    I am going to get the SilencerCo Osprey 45 and compare it to this on the same host but SilencerShop needs to get more in so I can order!

    BTW, this can on the Mark requires no new sights so if you are worried about that part of it, don't.

  • Ethan1/19/2016

    Just got the can and I love it. The 9mm adapter was a little difficult to locate, but I found it. It brings sound to a very hearing safe level when ran dry in both 45 & 9. At this point I would not even recommend getting a 9mm suppressor. Just a few 45 suppressors and the adapters to go both calibers. When you run this thing wet, it reduces sound considerably. So far I've only got around 250 rounds through it, but I look forward towards firing many more rounds.
    Tips: Need elevated sights (I went with Trijicon Night & Brights) and you will need a reduced weight recoil spring on factory Glock's. The finish is a bit weak and scratches very easily. Had the Modular model been around when I ordered mine I may have tried that instead, but I'm very pleased with my purchase. I do believe my next purchase will be it's competitor, the Osprey 45, less I get a steal on another one of these bad boys.

  • J1/6/2016

    -User serviceability
    -Weight (crazy light, especially for its size)
    -Great performance on 9mm and 40S&W (I have not used 45ACP)

    -Obstructs standard-height sights
    -Trying to remove the piston assembly or the piston is difficult due to how the piston assembly is threaded on both ends to where there is literally 1mm between the piston cap and the tube (if the side you want to remove is tighter than the other side, you will keep removing the other side instead of the side you want)
    -Cleaning the baffles is a PITA. The soft aluminum has plenty of microscopic pits to allow carbon to really cling to the metal, vice a harder metal like steel or titanium (or anodized aluminum) that can be literally wiped clean in most instances. Anodized baffles would make a big difference.
    -My biggest regret with this can is that I did not get the 45"M" (modular), which is basically the same can but you can remove the front 2" to shorten the can for a more compact experience.

    -Get the AAC Ti-rant 45M or the Rugged Obsidian 45

    My suggestion to AAC:
    Put the serial number on the piston carrier, include 45 and 9mm end-caps, and anodize the baffles and you will have the best of the best multi-purpose, multi-caliber, lightweight, user-serviceable suppressor on the market.

  • Douglas12/19/2015

    This can has got to be one of the quietest .45 cans out there. This can is quiet on all of my host .45's (G30S, and 1911) With the 1/2x28 piston change, easy to shoot on a 9mm host. This can with 9mm is just as quiet if not quieter than my other 9mm can. In addition, it is quieter that my other pistol cans. In regards to "cleaning", when you shoot a can, it deposits residue inside the can (ridges and bumps), thus creating more surface area for the sound and pressures to be absorbed. All I do is spray a little Gunzilla in the can after each use, let it sit, and then tap the can. Whomever doesn't think this can is one of the better cans available, doesn't know enough about cans to make an educated opinion. Service was good, but ATF lost my paperwork twice. Took almost 9 months to get my can

  • Jeremy11/29/2015

    This was my first suppressor and it does have good sound reduction. The problem lies not in sound reduction but in design and AAC customer service.

    This suppressor is difficult to clean! If you do not clean it often it will be easy to get the baffles stuck in the tube. In addition the baffles are made out of aluminum, I will never buy a self-serviceable suppressor made with aluminum baffles again. You have to be very careful on how you clean them or they will be damaged. If you buy one with stainless steel baffles you have a multitude of cleaning options from wet tumbling with ss pins, ultrasonic or even the "dip." There are a lot of videos and forums discussing these methods which you cannot use with aluminum baffles. The small price difference is worth the difference of getting SS baffles, such as the Silencerco Octane. Cleaning the ti-rant baffles by hand usually takes me 10hrs per 500 rounds.

    Also, the finish on the can is the most delicate I have seen, prone to scratches and peeling.

    Last but not least is customer service. Granted in late 2015 they have been purchased by Remington and so far it seems 100% better, but time will tell. In the past my experience has been that it was impossible to call them, if you would get a email response it would take at least a month. And parts such as piston were impossible to come by. It took me a little over a YEAR to get a 9mm piston!

    All in all, I would avoid this brand altogether and go with somebody else. The only reason I gave this 2 stars is because it does suppress the gunshot (I cannot tell the sound difference between this and the Octane). I left this review because of the other reviews were all positive and I feel this is misleading to a new purchaser in the NFA world. All in all I have no complaints with Silencerco products. My last advice is to do as much research as you can and look at all aspects, not just how quiet it might be.

  • MICHAEL11/26/2015

    This silencer is long but the extra baffle's make all the difference. I added a light coat of EWG to the piston and baffle's and it makes a huge difference in disassembly and cleaning. Nice product. Silencer Shop is a great company to work with. Nice and helpful staff with answering questions.

  • Jordan4/22/2015

    This is an awesome can. I would recommend it to anyone but especially to someone getting their first pistol suppressor who owns more than one caliber. I have shot this on some 45's and 9's and it works great on both. Swapping the piston to fit a different caliber is quick and easy. The available pistons aren't cheap but they open up the can's versatility. The can is attractive and comes packaged in a nice box with care instructions and a very nice camo pouch. The suppression quality is excellent. I like the ability to take it apart with the included tool. The baffle stack is supposed to be put back in a certain order which can be a little hassle but nothing too bad. I run this with 230 g 45 acp and my 147 g 9mm handloads on a regular basis (over 2k rounds) with little point of impact shift. Overall probably the best for the money (especially since it has dropped in price over the last couple years). Silencershop service is great and so are the prices. What are you waiting for? Stop shooting so loud!

  • steven4/6/2015

    As it says, this can is needed to complete the HK45 CT. This can is completely hearing safe and does not disturb accuracy. I even is used it during an USPSA match course of fire, off record of course. I was just as accurate as shooting un suppressed which impressed me and others watching. Functioning with my pistol is without issue. I highly recommend this can.

  • Wade4/5/2015

    Easy to clean design, very light, currently using on a 1911 with Storm Lake barrel. With the suppressor mounted it chews up a Wilson shokbuffer in 150-200 rounds that without will go thousands of rounds so am waiting on a heavier recoil spring to use with it. It is quiet, but I am getting pop sometimes from the ejection port. Hoping a heavier spring fixes that. It is quieter wet, but it spits crud in our face when run that way. To me, it is not worth having to shower and wash my clothes after shooting it. It could get better with a heavier recoil spring so I will try it then. Function has been 100%. Comes apart easy and cleans up good. Need to get my bolt action .45ACP threaded to see how quiet it really is with the fixed barrel spacer and no slide cycling. Transaction with Silencer Shop went smooth.

  • john12/22/2014

    My very first silencer! Resisted many times at my LGS because the hassle of the ATF stuff... But Silencershop's Gun Trust, Form 3 & Form 4 to their local FFL3 was SEAMLESS !!!! Cant compare my TiTant 45 since its my first - But man, was it fun to shoot on my HK45ct ...

  • Matthew H.4/23/2014

    - Very solid. Its titanium outer tube means you don't have to worry about dents and dings if dropped or bumped around.
    - Very quiet. It's *almost* as quiet as my .45 Osprey. I have shot both of these side by side. The Ti-Rant seemed to have less first round pop, but overall the Osprey seemed to be just a little quieter, both dry and wet. Not enough to be the decisive factor though. The Ti-Rant also seemed to have a little higher tone, which to me is not as pleasing.
    - Classic good looks. I prefer the look of a classic round suppressor over the Osprey.

    - Stacked baffles. I prefer monolithic cores because they are easier to clean and you don't have to worry about clicking baffles back together in the correct order and having to take them apart and clean each one individually.
    - Sights won't clear. My Osprey sits flush with the top of my XDM and Glock 23 sights, so it's not like the Osprey has a huge advantage here either. The round tube suppressors (this one included) sit well above the top of my sights, so taller suppressor height sights are a must.
    - The tube is the piece with the serial number on it, so if it ever gets damaged you will have to buy a new suppressor and pay another $200 tax stamp. For the Osprey, the part that houses the piston is what has the serial number, so an end cap strike or dent in the outer tube means you can just replace that part and not have to buy a new suppressor. This of course is an extremely rare and unlikely scenario.
    Heavy - It's about the same as the Osprey, but the Osprey looks like it should be heavier than it is. To me, this isn't as big of a deal as length, and the Ti-Rant is still decently short. The extra weight helps reduce recoil and is basically a side effect of its extreme durability.

    In summary, the Ti-Rant is, suppression wise, basically on par with the Osprey. And if I were going into battle, I would choose the Ti-Rant because of the extra durability of its titanium outer tube. If you want something that will out last you and the apocalypse, the Ti-Rant is your can. It will require a little extra time and patience during maintenance and cleaning because if its baffle stack that requires complete disassembly, but that's a small price to pay for great suppression and bullet proof reliability.

  • Eporte4/18/2014

    This was my 2nd 45 caliber suppressor. It is very close volume wise to the Osprey, I can't tell which is the quietest. With the optional pistons I ordered from Silencer Shop (45L, 9, 9L) this suppressor is fantastically versatile. I have been using Froglube on the internals for the past year and have seen very little build up of any kind. The fact this can is user serviceable puts it ahead of my Osprey. I have very little if any POI shift with the Ti-Rant 45.

  • jdbcool1014/6/2014

    I got this and have to say that mounted on my HK 45 Tactical its very quiet. The only thing that takes a little getting used to is how you have to put the baffle stack together other than that its great. I'm glad that its user serviceable which is very important and comes with the take down tool. Also thanks to Silencer Shop the best way to buy suppressors I've bought all four of mine from them and will buy the next one from them as well.

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SKU: AAC 100420
The world's first silencer for .45 ACP pistols that is truly stealthy when fired dry.

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