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Silencerco Harvester Big Bore

Silencerco Harvester Big Bore

Designed to enhance the user experience while handling larger calibers, specifically for hunting and long range precision shooting.


Silencerco Harvester Big Bore (Includes Mount)

The Harvester & Harvester Big Bore sound suppressors are designed to enhance the user experience while handling larger calibers, specifically for hunting and long range precision shooting.

The Harvester was specifically designed for hunting and long range precision shooting applications. Utilizing its lightweight design, the Harvester is barely noticed on the end of your barrel. Designed to enhance your shooting experience, the Anchor Brake offers best in class recoil reduction across a range of calibers. Using modular thread adapters, the Harvester can be used on a wide range of threaded barrels.

The Harvester Big Bore encapsulates all the features of the Harvester, but adds the capability to allow the use of a modular adapter to utilize various mounting options. From direct thread to Patented ASR mounting applications, the Harvester Big Bore has your needs covered.

The modular thread adapters make the Harvester and Harvester Big Bore an excellent choice for a variety of shooting disciplines. Utilizing fully welded hardened tool-grade stainless steel baffle design, the Harvester and Harvester Big Bore are among the lightest centerfire silencers available. Rated for magnum calibers up to and including 300 Winchester Magnum (minimum of 20” barrel) and .338 Lapua™respectively.


Specification Information

Caliber Rating 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .300WM), .338 LM
Color Black
Length 10"
Diameter 1.85"
Weight 21.7 oz
Finish Stainless, T3 HC Anodize
Manufacturer SilencerCo
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel



4 Reviews For Silencerco Harvester Big Bore

  • Lance3/24/2016

    I received my new 338 big boar harvester and immediately put it on my christensen arms 338 lapua. Without the harvester this rifle had a pretty good punch even with the muzzle break. With the harvester on the recoil reduction was impressive. It made the rifle enjoyable to shoot. The rifle is really light. Also with just the break I was only able to get a 1 moa. With the harvester a 3 shot group tightened to 1/2 inch and all three bullets were touching. Can't wait for the snow to melt so I can go out and see what it can do at long distance.

    This is my second harvester (7.62 also). The light weight of the can is a huge plus. I absolutely love both cans. I also appreciate the whole process that silencer shop handles. And the dealer that I went to pick the can up. If you are in central Idaho I would suggest using Jake's Timber Service for your dealer transfer.

    I have never written a review in my life but this product is worth every penny.

  • Corey2/28/2016

    I use this can on my savage 110 BA 338 LAPUA Magnum. It is absolutely amazing! You will not be disappointed with the harvester big bore. Works very well with smaller calibers as well.

  • MICHAEL11/26/2015

    I use this on a Accuracy International 300 Win Mag and the sound reduction is INCREDIBLE! Every time I take it to the gun range I spend more time talking to people asking me about the can than actually using it. This is a awesome product and worth the $$$

  • Michael4/29/2015

    No matter what caliber I run through this can; 556, 330 blk out, 308, 330 RUM, or 338 LM; it sounds and functions amazingly.

    Absolutely my favorite of my 4 silencerco suppressors.

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