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Wilson Combat Whisper 7.62


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Product Description


For over a decade Wilson has been testing dozens of  the competitor’s suppressors looking for the best match of noise attenuation, portability and hard-use durability geared to the serious shooterThe Wilson Combat WHISPER Titanium Suppressor is the result of this exhaustive evaluationFor the Ultimate All-Around suppressor for hunting or tactical use, the new Wilson Combat WHISPER®  proves that a portable,  lightweight suppressor can be more effective as others on the market weighing almost twice as much.

Whisper is a trademark of and used under license by J D Jones.

  • Oversize 1-7/8” Main Tube Diameter Effectively Captures More Propellant Gases for the
  • Ultimate in Tactical Weapon Suppression while Closely Matching the Diameter of Low-
  • Profile Rifle Rail Systems Completely Machined from Lightweight, Quick Cooling, Heat
  • Erosion Resistant and 100% Corrosion-Proof  Virgin Billet Titanium (Ti) in our Shop in
  • Berryville, AR USA
  • Compact (6 5/16″) Overall Length and Lightweight (17.8 oz.) 100% Titanium (Ti)
  • Construction Enable Easy Full-Time Operational Use
  • Short Suppressor Design Adds Only 4.5” Additional Length Over a Standard USGI A2
  • Flash Hider Equipped Rifle
  • Lightweight, Efficient Titanium (Ti) Monocore Baffle Design Actually Improves Accuracy
  • 100% Welded Construction Eliminates Baffle Displacement or Loosening
  • Thorough Testing Shows No Significant Negative Zero-Shift or Impact on Barrel
  • Harmonics
  • Minimal Back Pressure for Cleaner Semi-Auto Function
  • Comes with Melonite Treated Rapid-Thread Muzzle Brake in 1/2″ x 28 (5.56 Whisper) or
  • 5/8″ x 24
  • (7.62 WC Whisper) Thread Diameter – .740″ Barrel OD Behind Threads Recommended
  • Bead Blasted Titanium (Ti) Gray Finish is Standard with Heat Resistant Armor-Tuff®

Additional Information


Natural Titanium


Natural Titanium Finish


7.62mm (.30 Caliber – up to .308)

Build Material







17.8 oz

Mount Style

Wilson Combat Muzzle Brake

3 reviews for Wilson Combat Whisper 7.62

  1. Dalyn
    2 out of 5


    Wilson Combat Whisper 7.62 on a DPMS AR10 .308. Bought this one because I didnt want to add a lot of extra length the my rifle. But as far as sound reduction it fell very short of my expectations. It does work and I was happy with it until I compared it to a friends can. Shot a few rounds with the wilson and then screwed his on and it was a done deal. No need for fancy sound meters or anything else. I dont want to mention the brand of his but its a common one and not very expensive. His sounded like a 22 rifle and the wilson sounded much louder. We shot from the same spot, same ammo, same gun and listened from the same spot. Best guess was the other suppressor was 30% quieter than the Wilson Combat. Very disappointing results from a high end company and a big price tag.

  2. Greg from Virginia
    5 out of 5


    Great suppressor, light-weight, short, and matches up nicely to AR forend stock/rails. It is “movie quiet” with subsonic loads. I’m shooting mostly supersonic .308, and sound suppression is plenty for taking out the boom, recoil and flash. Similar with smaller calibers , down to .223, in my use. Had no trouble being ear-safe with just plugs or ear-plug electronic protectors getting rid of the supersonic crack heard with all suppressors and supersonic loads. The brake they use for attachment is also a very effective brake when not using the can.

  3. Scott
    3 out of 5


    I’m using the Wilson whisper 7,62 on a NOVESKE 8.5 300 blackout with 220grain subsonic(every brand I capfuls but)
    The weight, length and quality are top notch.
    Sound reduction fell very short of my expectation. First round is considerably louder then the follow up shots. I’m considering dumping it for better sound reduction.

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