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Bowers VERS 50

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When it comes to suppressing big bore calibers, like the .50 Beowulf, .50 Alaskan, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, etc..., it's tempting to go for a one-suppressor-does-it-all solution.  Unfortunately, the all-in-one solutions start running into issues as the bore size gets bigger:

  1. In order to effectively suppress a big bore caliber, like the .50 Beowulf or .45-70, a suppressor needs quite a bit of volume.  Do-it-all models run small because nobody wants to run a suppressor that is big enough for a .458 on their AR15. :)
  2. At Silencer Shop, we spend a lot of time talking about versatility vs efficiency - but these big bore suppressors are an extreme case.  In essence, when the bore size diverges too far from the caliber being suppressed - it becomes less and less effective.

As a result, a do-it-all solution ends up being too small for a large bore caliber, while the bore is too large for the smaller calibers.

If you want to effectively suppress your .50 Beowulf (or other big bore caliber - like the .45-70), then the Bowers VERS 50 should be at the top of your list!

The Bowers VERS 50 is a .50 caliber high-efficiency suppressor. The Vers 50 was designed for use with calibers .510 and smaller up to 2200 fps velocity.  It's also suitable for slower rounds that will fit through the bore, like: Full Power, .50 Beowulf, .50 Alaskan, .458 Socom, .50 AE, 45/70 loadings, and .510 Beowulf.

The Vers 50 comes with the AIMS(TM) mount and accepts the Versadapt(TM) series of thread adapting inserts.  One standard insert is included with your purchase. 

The Vers 50 is now also available with a Stainless Steel Baffle stack that increases the projectile rating to 2650 FPS!

What are the critics saying?

Modern Rifleman spent a couple of weeks with the VERS 458 and VERS 50, click here to read his review!


Specification Information

Caliber Rating .458 SOCOM, .50 AE, .50 Alaskan, .50 Beowulf
Length 11.25"
Diameter Diameter 1.75"
Weight 23.2 oz
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer Bowers


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Bowers VERS 50

Bowers VERS 50 is a .50 caliber high-efficiency suppressor.

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